Installation Service

Have your products installed by an approved goFlatpacks manufacturer.

All of our products are easy and quick to assemble and install, allowing you to get the very best value. However, we understand that not everyone is up for the task or simply prefers the job to be done professionally.

That is why our goFlatpacks approved manufacturers provide an assembly and installation service at a fair price so you can rest assured knowing that your products will be assembled and installed by a professional from start to finish.

So how much will it cost? This depends on your location in relation to your nearest goFlatpacks manufacturer. Each manufacturer has a fixed assembly and installation cost for incremental distances from their location as well as the amount of flat packs they are assembling for you.

Because there are so many variables, the best way to see how much your project is going to cost to be assembled and installed is to sign up, log in and send your request to with all your project details.

Flat Pack Installation Service
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