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Adjustable Shelf –

Unlike a fixed shelf, adjustable shelves are moveable to make room for tall and short objects. They are supported by shelf holders, such as pegs and dowel pins.


Adjustable Square –

Is a tool used for multiple purposes in woodworking, stone masonry and metalworking. It is composed of a ruled blade and one or more interchangeable heads that may be affixed to it. The most common head is the standard or square head which is used to check right and 45° angles.


Appliance –

Machines such as your refrigerator, dishwasher, sinks and coffee machine – any machine used to perform household tasks.

Applied Panel/ End Panel/Gable Panel –

Is the decorative surface piece used to make the exposed end of a base or top cabinet run look more appealing. Since many cabinets terminate at a doorway or kitchen entrance at which there is no wall to conceal the rough substrate of the cabinets frame or sides, the end panel was invented as a simple way of concealing this area without altering the actual construction of the cabinet piece. Generally ordered 10mm oversized and require planing back for fixing to the wall.

Architrave –

Is used to refer more generally to a style of mouldings framing the top of a door, window or other rectangular opening, where the horizontal “head” casing extends across the tops of the vertical side casings where the elements join.  In the construction industry, the term is applied also to the vertical members of the frame around a door or window.


Aventos by Blum® –

A parallel lifting system that makes cabinets easy to open upwards and that can be stopped at any desired position. The system closes silently and effortlessly thanks to the technology of Blumotion.


Base Cabinet –

Cabinetry used on the floor (as opposed to wall cabinets which are installed at eye-level) to provide countertop support.


Blind Corner –

Any cabinet type, upper or lower, designed to install into a corner of a room. Another cabinet will install directly adjacent to it hiding the blind portion. This gives access to an otherwise dead corner providing more storage.


Blind Return Panel –

Is a blanking panel in the same material as the door, there are commonly fitted to a blind corner base, tall and overhead cabinets.

Blum® –

Blum is supplier of high quality kitchen hardware products and opening/closing mechanisms.


Bulkhead –

Is the space between the ceiling and the top of the wall cabinets. Dimensions vary according to each kitchen’s design. The bulkhead extends over the edge of the wall cabinets. It often houses wires, vents and pipes to keep them concealed from view.


Carcase –

Is the body of a cabinet. No hinges or doors included.


Caulking Gun –

A hand or power tool that extrudes caulking material through a nozzle.


Clamp –

A mechanical device used to hold items together or firmly in place while other operations are being performed. The clamping force may be applied by screws, wedges/cams, or a pneumatic/ hydraulic piston.

Cook Top –

Refers literally to the surface on which one will apply heat to food. Cook-tops are available in three primary formats: gas, electric and magnetic induction.


Cordless Drill –

Is a useful tool for simple home jobs and in heavy-duty construction applications. These drills use a rechargeable battery, which frees them up to be carried wherever needed for tasks, without needing to worry about having a power source nearby.


Dimensions in goFlatpacks –

In goFlackpacks you will see a lot of H: W: D: these letters represent H=Height W=Width and D=Depth.


Dishwasher Panel –

A finished panel used to cover the exposed side of a dishwasher. This panel looks like the finished side of a cabinet and provides support for the countertop.


Drawer Face –

Is the portion of the drawer box that is viewable even when the drawer is closed. It often has drawer handles to make it easier to open the drawer.

Drawer Base Cabinet –

Is a cabinet that has a sliding draw set into it. This is a very practical and common type of base cabinet because of the storage versatility it offers any cabinetry scheme. The only limitation to this style of base cabinet is that it is not usable under sinks because it can interfere with the installation of a drain pipe.


Drawer Runner –

Are small devices that are used to facilitate fluid motion during opening and closing. The addition of a runner requires that the fitting area of a drawer be expanded, but it also ensures smooth motion. The simplest drawer runners will incorporate a small set of wheels that are attached to the external sides of the drawer.


Elevation –

An elevation is a drawing that shows the front or side of something.  A floor plan, by contrast, shows a space from above – as if you are looking down on the room from the ceiling.  Thus, you see the tops of everything.

End Panel/ Applied Panel/ Gable Panel –

Is the decorative surface piece used to make the exposed end of a base or top cabinet run look more appealing. Since many cabinets terminate at a doorway or kitchen entrance at which there is no wall to conceal the rough substrate of the cabinets frame or sides, the end panel was invented as a simple way of concealing this area without altering the actual construction of the cabinet piece. Generally ordered 10mm oversized and require plaining back for fixing to the wall.


Filler –

Is used between kitchen cabinets or near a wall at the end of the cabinets to cover void gaps or as decorative accents.


Fixed Shelf –

Are constructed into the cabinet. They cannot be moved and provide added stability to the cabinet.

Flue –

A duct for smoke and waste gases produced by a fire, a gas heater, or other fuel-burning installation.


Galley Kitchen 

The galley kitchen layout takes its name from a ship’s galley, which is configured to run lengthways as a corridor through the ship. Galley kitchens are configured as a long, narrow corridor between two parallel benches. Galley kitchens can be as long as you want them to be, however because they’re confined to a small area more or less by definition, it’s important that you’re critically aware of the space constraints. Galley Kitchens are now being used more in open plan areas having one side of the ‘galley” a long island bench.



Relating to or descriptive of an entire group or class.


Global Project Default Settings 

These are the pre-set defaults that you have selected for your hardware range and colour selection.

goExecutive –

For those who want a quality product but are still a little budget conscious, goExecutive hardware features internationally award winning hinges and clear-cut, rectangular designed drawer with body colour coordinated components for a modern look.


goPremium –

For those seeking the best hinge and drawer runners on the market, goPremium hardware features internationally award winning hinges and slim, modern drawers all produced from high-quality materials.


goStandard –

For the budget conscious, goStandard hinge systems and drawer/runner systems are adjustable and easy to assemble, are made from strong materials with quality workmanship and are reliably open and close with ease.


Hardware –

Tools, machinery, and other durable equipment like hinges and drawer runners.


Hinge –

A mechanical device used to attach a cabinet door to a cabinet box allowing a smooth opening and closing motion.

Hinge Plate –

Is attached to the door which the hinge will attach itself to via a clip to make installing doors to cabinets an easy process.


Island –

Is an area of cabinets and countertops that don’t touch any walls and that can be accessed and walked around from all sides. Considered free standing and usually placed in the centre of the kitchen. They have a variety of uses including extra preparation and storage space, auxiliary sinks, buffet or breakfast bar, etc.


Jigsaw –

A machine saw with a fine blade enabling it to cut curved lines in a sheet of wood, metal, or plastic.


Kicker –

Is a fascia that fits across the recess at the bottom of a floor-mounted base cabinet; these serve to conceal the supports of cabinet leg systems. Kickboards shouldn’t bear any load, but should be fixed to load-bearing plinths or legs of the floor cabinets. Also known as a toe kick.


L Shape Kitchen –

An L-shaped kitchen, as the name suggests, is a kitchen that spans two walls meeting at a corner of a room. L-shaped kitchens work best in open plan living spaces, thanks to the fact that they’re fairly unobtrusive and allow a respectable amount of bench space.

Laminate –

Is an alternative to hardwood cabinetry. The term refers to a style of construction that incorporates manufactured wood that has been covered with one of various optional skins that can give the project a hardwood or alternative finished look.


Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) –

Is a manufactured wood product. It is similar to particle board, which is made from pieces of wood that has mixed with adhesives and then pressed into sheets.

Metabox by Blum® –

An economical box system for metal drawers and high fronted pull-outs.




Pantry –

Is a cabinet specifically designed or used to store food. Storing food in a kitchen is critically important to an effective kitchen design. To increase food storage space in a kitchen, there are a wide variety of pantry designs. Cabinets that are described as pantries will typically be taller than normal base cabinets. They will include a varying number of shelves.



Range Hood/Exhaust Hood/Extractor Hood  –

A range hood is a device containing a mechanical fan that hangs above the stove or cook top in a kitchen. It removes airborne grease, combustion products, fumes, smoke, odours, heat, and steam from the air by evacuation of the air and filtration.


Safety Gear –

Safety gear or personal protective equipment (PPE) refers to protective clothing, helmets, goggles, or other garments or equipment designed to protect the wearer’s body from injury or infection. The hazards addressed by protective equipment include physical, electrical, heat, chemicals, biohazards, and airborne particulate matter.


Scale –

Refers to the size of elements in a setting or drawing. In settings, it is the size of elements in relation to one another and the total space. In architectural drawings, an example is 10mm is equal to 1 meter.


Spirit Level –

A device consisting of a sealed glass tube partially filled with alcohol or other liquid, containing an air bubble whose position reveals whether a surface is perfectly level.

Splash Back –

Refers to the material used to cover the area of wall between a kitchen counter top and the upper cabinets. The most important feature of a splash Back is that it must be resistant to the substances that could be splashed on it in order for it to look good and be effective.


Studio/Straight Kitchen –

Studio/Straight kitchen is designed entirely along a single wall. Single wall kitchens are almost exclusively used in apartments – particularly those that use open plan living areas and in which space is at an absolute premium.


Tall Cabinet –

A cabinet that is full height, or size spanning from the floor to the top of the wall cabinets.


Tandembox by Blum® –

A box system with concealed runners for metal drawers and high fronted pull-outs.

Tape Measure –

A length of tape or thin flexible metal, marked at graded intervals for measuring.


U Shape Kitchen –

The U shape kitchen, as the name suggests, is a kitchen whose benches and features are laid out in a U-shape. It features two parallel sides adjoined by a third wall at the end. The U-shaped kitchen layout is similar to that of a galley kitchen, but is wider, allowing for a third effective workspace in the end of the kitchen.


Under Bench Oven (UBO) –

An oven that fits in a cabinet, not free standing.

Upper Ventilated Fridge (UVF) –

An overhead cabinet to place over a fridge space to add more storage that also provides ventilation to a fridge.


Upper/ Wall Cabinets/ Overheads –

These cabinets are installed at, or above, eye-level. Wall cabinets are any cabinet placed above countertops that have one or two doors (depending on the width of the cabinet). They can have adjustable or fixed shelfs.


Vanity –

A general term for base cabinets in restrooms and bathrooms.

Void –

The space created behind and beside cabinets to ensure that they fit correctly into position in the event a wall is not square. Normally covered up with filler panels to create a seamless finish with no gaps.






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