Let’s Talk Bathrooms

Getting value for money is a top priority when renovating a bathroom. But that doesn’t mean skimping on fittings. It’s all about being prepared, thinking about your design and investing your [...]

Straight Kitchen Layout Design

Straight kitchen layouts are usually best suited to compact spaces such as small open-plan apartments/units/studios or an office tea room. For a balanced look, position the fridge at one end of [...]

Wash, Dry, Fold & Put Away

Wash, Dry, Fold & Put Away… Yes, we are talking about laundries. They are one of those spaces that can make or break a house design. Lovely kitchen, beautiful bathroom, gorgeous living [...]

Living Room Colour Schemes

Bored of playing it safe when it comes to colour palettes? Colour is all around us yet when it comes to bringing it into our homes, many homemakers tend to play it safe by opting for a [...]

Choosing the Right Kitchen Flooring

The kitchen is at the centre of any home. It’s where the cooking takes place, the family gathers and where the love for food and company is shared. The kitchen should be a room that is filled [...]

Flatpacks v Custom Made

You just have to be sure that what initially may look like a tempting budget saving doesn’t pan out as an expensive DIY blunder. When it comes to kitchen renovating, what are the pros and cons of [...]

Kitchen Trends 2019

Lets discuss current kitchen trends 2019, a majority of interior designers in Australia are bidding goodbye to clinical, minimalist styles, and are adopting warmer timeless designs. Factors like [...]

Straight Kitchen’s

Straight kitchen layouts are usually best suited to compact spaces such as small open-plan apartments / units / studio’s or an office tea room. For a balanced look, position the fridge at one end [...]

L-shape Kitchen Design

The L-shaped kitchen is one of the most common layouts as it adapts to almost all areas of configurations: large or small spaces, kitchen closed, semi-open or open. When you’re ready for a [...]

Bathroom Colour Schemes 2017

In 2017 we’ll see that more people are opting for natural, organic looking finishes, gravitating to a day spa feel. There’s a shift away from chrome and porcelain, into natural stone and timber. [...]

Garage Organisation Tips

Can’t quite squeeze the car in amongst the chaos? Lucky for you I have a solution! Bringing organisation into the garage can be easier than you think.   1. Declutter The garage can easily [...]

10 U-Shaped Kitchen Styles to Embrace

Check out this selection of clever cook spaces for all the inspiration you need to create a functional and fabulous room U-shaped kitchens have a lot going for them – they can give you extra [...]

10 Tips to Get Your Garage Organised

Clear out the chaos of your garage with these simple tips, and turn that unused space into an asset for your home and lifestyle! There’s no better time than summer to get outside and organise [...]

Wardrobe Hack!

Organising your wardrobe to gain the most space as well as practicality can be tough. We have researched and voted that this KonMari Method is the most efficient for folding your clothes! The end [...]

Walk-in Wardrobe Measurement Guide

Walk-in Wardrobe Measurement Guide: Take a look at some essential wardrobe measurements, along with some other considerations to ensure your robe will work for everyday use! goFlatpacks advise [...]


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