How To Select The Perfect Kitchen Benchtop

Designing your kitchen benchtop can be one of the most interesting, creative and exciting experiences as a great finished product will bring all your kitchen design elements together.

Creating kitchen benchtop can make or break your kitchen finish, so it’s very important to ensure you plan it correctly and always communicate to the client throughout every step of the process.

How to select your bench-top?

Popular choices include:

  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Laminate
  • Engineered stone
  • Timber

Granite Finish

Granite is one of the strongest available materials to use as a kitchen benchtop. Granite provides durability and character to kitchen surfaces. As with all-natural materials, granite does require regular maintenance. If looked after and maintained to a high standard, your granite benchtop will remain to look fantastic for years to come.

Marble Finish

The luxurious and look of marble is a stunning addition to any kitchen space however, it does come with the need for extra care and maintenance in the kitchen. Marble, being a softer, porous stone, has a tendency to stain, scratch and even crack. In order to ensure the stone is looking 100%, it will require regular maintenance and sealing; staining can be minimised. Maintenance will play a big part in keeping this marble sparkling over your kitchen’s lifespan.

Engineered Stone Finish 

Offering strength, durability, affordability and sustainability as major selling points, these high-tech engineer kitchen benchtops also boast hygienic, water-repelling, heat- and stain-resistant qualities that have been carefully tailored to meet our everyday kitchen demands.

In busy households, where cleaning and maintaining benchtops is just one chore too many, homeowners are seeking affordable, durable and practical alternatives. With the flexibility with finishes, thicknesses and slab, it’s no wonder that engineered stone is fast becoming the material of choice in modern kitchens, guaranteeing virtually seamless applications and minimal waste.

Laminate Finish

Laminate has come a long way in the last decade or so with a broad colour palette available and many choices in terms of finishes, patterns and textures.

Although there are benefits to a laminate benchtop, keep in mind that it can easily scratch and is difficult to repair. On the plus side, joins are not as visible as they once were in a laminate benchtop and can provide an inexpensive and stylish solution. Laminate is and always will be a great benchtop material to work with. It has proven to be the most economical and versatile, which always helps when doing a kitchen design.

Timber Finish

Timber benchtops add a touch of country charm and warmth to your kitchen design. They are popular for breakfast bar tops and work well when paired with marble (or an engineered stone marble alternative). It’s important to note however, a timber surface requires regular sealing and is not scratch resistant. The price will be depending on the type of timber species selected.

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