If you think laundry rooms are boring, think again!

There can be more to laundry than dirty washing and cleaning products. It doesn’t need to be large, but if you’re thinking about doing a renovation on your laundry keep in mind a few of the essential laundry elements and how they will fit together.

Washing Machine & Dryer

Whether you have a dedicated laundry room, a laundry in a cupboard, or a shared kitchen space, you’ll want a washing machine. This means you need to think about plumbing and electricity connections to space. Most washing machines are a standard width which makes fitting them into cabinetry easier. If you haven’t yet got a washing machine, or are looking at upgrading, then consider a front loader washing machine to allow for your benchtop to run seamlessly across your cabinets and washer space, ultimately giving you more workroom.

If you are considering having a dryer, then mounting it on the wall is often a great option to get it out of the way and allow for more base cabinetry storage (keep in mind ventilation if you do this).


Choose your cabinet door colours to tie in with other areas or furniture in your home to create a sense of continuity. High gloss cabinets bounce light around the room making it feel more airy and bright. Glossy tiles on the splashback further reflect the light, ensuring that this space feels spacious even on the gloomiest of days. Using a white, or very light, the colour will minimise the visibility of fingerprints.


For a cost-effective benchtop with a marble look, consider a hard-wearing laminate benchtop that has a marble design. It will be a fraction of the cost of quarried marble and is easier to care for in a hard-wearing space.


Select handles that feel good in your hand and are easy to grip. This will make moving quickly between different cupboards easier. Look at the oversized handles to create a statement & designer feel. Tip – Avoid T-Bar style handles which easily catch on clothing and linen as you move around your laundry


If you have a dryer and your room might be exposed to condensation, then wallpaper might not be the best bet here. Look for hard-wearing yet cost-effective tiles, or alternatively a fresh lick of paint to spruce up your room. The laundry is a space where you can be a bit more adventurous than you might dare in the rest of your home.


If you some help getting your laundry design start go to https://goflatpacks.com.au/order/template-projects/ where you will find some templates to get you started.


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