Living Room Colour Schemes

Bored of playing it safe when it comes to colour palettes?

Colour is all around us yet when it comes to bringing it into our homes, many homemakers tend to play it safe by opting for a predominantly neutral scheme.

For a long time interiors have embraced the paler palette; with hues typically ranging from the various shades of white, all the way up to the taupes or pastel coloured tones, however, when it came to walls, that’s where colour kind of stopped.

While this has been the go-to solution for many, more and more homemakers (not just Interior Designers) have been becoming braver with their choice of paint colours and the results have been nothing short of stunning.

Experimenting with Colour

Sometimes we just need a little extra encouragement in order to feel comfortable with using colour, or to see examples of successful outcomes. If you desire something a little more daring when it comes to colour schemes, you’ve come to the right place!

The team at House of Home believe life’s too short not have fun with colour, so with the help of Hayme Paints Colour & Concept Manager, Wendy Rennie, we have come up with two inspiring colour schemes to show you how the use of bolder tones can be successfully applied to an interior.

Claret & Copper Colour Scheme

Darker shades evoke a sense of intimacy and elegance and invite cosiness and warmth into the home. Teaming darker colours such as charcoals and rich burgundy’s with copper, terracotta or blush accents will create depth, contrast and balance while shifting the ambience of a room to one of peace and calm.

Although this colour palette is both liberating and empowering, it instils an innate sense of quiet (an almost meditative quality) that will a help a living space become a place to retreat and find some solace from the business of life’s daily routines.

Olive & Ivy Colour Scheme

The colours in this palette are clean, crisp, and simple. The natural tones of olive and ivy offer a leafy look and feel. While the off-whites with their subtle differences have a minimal undertone that sits beautifully alongside the greens.

Punctuated by warm ochre tones that provide energy, these colours are incredibly easy to inject into a space as they are harmonious, balanced and fresh. When applied to a living room setting these combined hues will create a restful, relaxed and positive atmosphere that bring the colours of the natural world to life.

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