Purify your bathroom with plants

Bathrooms deserve to be decorated with lush greenery just like every other room in the house – but it can be tricky to find a plant that thrives here. Low light, high humidity, and warm temperatures mean only certain houseplants will flourish.

Keep reading to discover what you need to consider when choosing bathroom plants. We have also included some plant ideas.


Many bathrooms have small windows, and some have none at all, which can be challenging when picking plants. Remember that even low light plants require some light to grow, which is why fluorescent light bulbs – which produce wavelengths plants need – are a good idea in the bathroom.

Humidity and Temperature

Hot running water from showers and baths can cause humidity and temperature levels to rise quickly – conditions which don’t suit many plants, although this explains why some tropical flora do great in bathrooms!

Space and Position

Bathrooms tend to be on the smaller side, so space for greenery is often limited. Large or tall plants don’t often work in bathrooms for this reason. A better option is to choose plants that can hang from the ceiling, or will trail down from a high shelf. The windowsill is another great location for bathroom plants, particularly as they can enjoy maximum light exposure here.


Tropical Orchids love shaded areas with high humidity! Orchids can be difficult to grow, but not in the bathroom!

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is one of those plants that is almost impossible to kill!

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Snake Plant

Who would have thought that this plant effectively filters formaldehyde from the air? Place in low light and watch air toxins vanish.

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Bamboo requires almost no light to grow successfully! This makes it the perfect plant to grow in your bathroom. Plant it in pebbles with an inch of water or two.

Image result for potted Bamboo



Ferns are one of the most low-maintenance plants around. They love areas of high humidity!

Image result for bathroom fern

Spider Plant

Another air purifying powerhouse: Spider plant effectively removes traces of carbon monoxide from the air in your home. Only water it twice weekly!

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Peace Lilly

Peace Lily’s are known for filtering toxins out of the air! Keep yours in the bathroom to keep things fresh.

Image result for Peace Lily bathroom

Cast Iron Plant

This plant absolutely loves the shade! Place it on a windowsill, and make sure the soil stays dry.

Image result for Cast Iron Plant


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