Garage Organisation Tips

Can’t quite squeeze the car in amongst the chaos? Lucky for you I have a solution!
Bringing organisation into the garage can be easier than you think.


1. Declutter

The garage can easily become a dumping ground for items that are no longer wanted, are bulky or simply just don’t have a home. By determining what should be stored in the garage really is the first step in creating an organised space. Get rid of items that don’t belong by donating to charity, giving them away, selling on a local buy, swap sell or take it to the rubbish tip.

2. A Home for….. Stuff

From Christmas decorations to camping gear, sporting equipment to car washing items, there’s a lot of garage ‘stuff’ that forms the ‘general storage’ category. This is where you need to get clever with your vertical wall space. Have at our garage templates to get you started in building an open shelving system to get things off the floor and clear the decks with wall storage! Designing a customised shelving system best suited to your needs can form the framework for your garage’s storage, this could in turn unlock your whole home’s organisational potential.

3. Tubs are Your New Best Friend

Organise and group similar items together. For example, your car washing sponges, chamois, specialised detergents, tyre/wheel cleaner and upholstery cleaner collected together in one of our tubs, you will save time searching for individual items and keep your groups neat and ordered.

Label everything. While creating consistency with similar looking tubs will keep your garage in order; that all goes out the window if your tubs aren’t labelled! Avoid rummaging and make sure every tub can be clearly identified

4. Create a Dump Zone

Do not underestimate how much time you will save by having a place within the garage to safely (and neatly!) store shoes, coats hats and bags. A designated area, to dump everyday items on your way into the house will revolutionise your daily routine.

Hooks for bags and hats are perfect for ‘after school clutter’ and will ensure they are easy to access, ready for the morning rush.

Shoe Storage will ensure that added dirt and grime that’s found on the bottom of your shoes stays outside of your general living area. Your family will also know exactly where to find those shoes you have on high rotation each morning.

5. Get Your Tools Off The Floor

I you don’t have a garden shed, leaving your gardening tools on the floor of your garage is quite simply a safety hazard. Get some of those specialty gardening hooks that will utilise vertical wall space perfectly. Wall mountable and rust free hooks can hold several items and has a multitude of uses right throughout the home.

6. Store Your Bikes

If you have a need to protect your car from the kids bikes falling over, worry no more! Bike storage needn’t be a challenge when you look at the specialty hooks, stands and racks specifically designed to store these awkward and large shaped items.

7. Wet Weather Drying

If you have a spare wall in your garage, think of mounting a pull out clothes dryer for when that wet weather hits. These really are fabulous in the garage as it retracts when not in use and comes in a range of sizes.

8. Make High Use Tool Accessible

It is important to keep tools out of children’s reach and stored safely.

The perfect spot for storing high use tools is a pegboard which enables you to custom design storage to suit your needs. These boards are usually made from epoxy bonded steel; these boards are incredibly durable, hard wearing and come with metal hooks that attach to the board so you can hang your tools.

9. Create Speciality Sports Storage

If you or your family members like to surf, ensure you create vertical wall space for your/their surfboards; meanwhile create hanging space for your wetsuits as well. Furthermore, group cricket bats, tennis racquets, softball mitts, balls (or whatever the preferred sporting equipment might be) in tubs on shelves.

10. Create Archive Space

Let’s face it, for the majority of us, items such as the camping equipment and the Christmas decorations won’t be on high rotation. For those items that you roll out once or twice a year, and particularly for those ‘memorabilia items’ that may only get looked at once in a very long while, archive space is key. This is usually kept up high in your shelving solution, within specialised labelled boxes to prevent damage to their contents.


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