How do I attach my kickboards under my cabinets?

There are a couple of ways that you can do this, but we recommend for your kickboards to be drilled vertically through the top of the bottom panel of your cabinet.

Follow these steps to install your kickboard:

  1. Place your kickboard underneath your cabinets, flush up against the legs.
  2. Measure from the front of the cabinet carcase edge to the kickboard.
  3. Add half the thickness of your kickboard material to the above measurement to get your drilling distance. (E.g if your kickboard is 16.5mm thick, you will be adding 8.25mm to the above measurement)
  4. Mark this measurement along a line on the cabinet’s bottom panel.
  5. Remove the kickboard and drill pilot holes for the screws using the line marked out in the previous step. (Drilling two holes per cabinet should be sufficient)
  6. Reinsert the kickboard and screw it into place.
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